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Hase & Igel

Your companion for the great transformation

Digitization creates winners and losers alike: new methods of production, market disruption and rapidly changing customer behaviour challenge tried-and-true business models while new products and processes provide unexpected opportunities. To benefit from this process rather than being swept away by it, companies need to lead the change.

Our holistic, modular approach helps you meet the new challenges and unleash the potential of digitization for your company. The starting point is a comprehensive analysis of your current status and relevant fields of action. On this basis we help you shape the transformation and translate it into sucessful processes and instruments – from leadership to controlling and product development to sales. Our know-how workshop creates a framework for exchange and mutual learning among executives.

Relevance and maturity check

Where are you at – and where do you need to go?

Digital strategy

Only those who know their destination can find the right route.

Roadmap and implementation

Drive the transformation!

Leading with big data

Every captain needs a cockpit!

Marketing & sales 4.0

How do you win over your customers today – and tomorrow?

Who to contact for more information

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