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M&A / Successors

Corporate transactions have different goals and motivations. In one case, it may be a question of finding investors to finance a promising growth strategy. In another, it is all about finding a suitable successor. In yet another, a merger with another company is to be organized to harness shared synergistic benefits and to strengthen the market position. Or parts of the company are to be sold to concentrate on other areas.

All the transactions have one thing in common - they are outside the scope of day-to-day business for shareholders and managers. This means that professional guidance during the entire process is frequently necessary to ensure successful completion. comes can provide this professional assistance ranging from the initial idea right through to final contract signing and even beyond during the implementation of the transaction.

The consultants at comes have many years of experience in working with institutional investors. Our network ranges from high net-worth individuals interested in investing in public-sector venture capital companies, i.e. mid-size venture capital companies, to private equity companies and financial investors specializing in certain scenarios.

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